RQ19-Spain Monastrell


RQ19-Spain Monastrell


Harrowing wildly juicy tales, like Navarro this wine will entrance and entice the palate with a voluptuous headiness and earthy appeal that will have your glasses raised!

Spain Monastrell
This dry wine unveils aromas of black and red berries, black pepper and spices from oak. On the palate, it presents woody flavours and polished tannins for a bold finish.

Oak: Heavy | Body: Full | Sweetness: Dry

Yeast: LALVIN Bourgovin RC212
Grape skins: Dried
Oak: French & Medium Toast American

Food Pairings
• Braised beef short ribs with a creamy polenta
• Veal with mushroom sauce
• Veggie burger with aioli and caramelized onions

Capture this infinitely smooth wine March 2019.

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