India Pale Ale


India Pale Ale


India Pale Ale was developed in England to withstand the long journey to India during colonization. Our India Pale Ale has a copper/golden colour and medium aroma hops, with a slightly higher starting gravity and hop rates than our regular pale ale.

Bitterness:  50 IBU

Malts:  Pale, Munich, Carapils, Carastan

OG:  1.051-1.053

Hops:  Columbus, Mt. Hood

         Colour:  Dark golden, copper

Makes roughly 65 (355ml) Bottles

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All orders include taxes, caps, labels, and a complimentary charcuterie board (cheeses, fruit, olives, crackers, chocolates) beverage station, and pastries while your personalize your wine. By ordering a batch online, you are delegating that someone else start/stir your wine for you (as per AGCO guidelines 07/16).  We, as owners/employees of the Winescape cannot be your "designate" but we are happy to facilitate your request to delegate a "stand in" for your convenience.   Shortly after you place your order, we will contact you to schedule your bottling experience.